Our vineyard

Piave wines

The Vignaluna vineyard operates in the DOC PIAVE area, among the fertile Venetian plains, lapped by the placid waters of the Piave, a sacred river to the country, home to two particular native vines such as Raboso and Verduzzo and framed by a natural setting where for many years the best grapes of the area have been vinified with passion.

The climate, the particular morphology of the soil and a processing cycle that respects the environment, allow us to obtain wines with characteristic colors and aromas, typical of the great Venetian tradition.

A family tradition

The Lunardelli family has been a staple of wine production for three generations. It is currently led by Giovanni, winemaker, and his son Leonardo, agricultural expert.

Philosophy and personality

The philosophy of our business is to preserve the local culture as a bright and lively presence in this corner of the storied Veneto region, in the context of an increasingly globalized market where the traditional origins of products are often forgotten or mislabeled.

Our company prides itself in its youthful and dynamic character, offering customers fresh vintage wines, while at the same being recognized on the market as guardians of the original authenticity of our products.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Our efforts are focused on preserving the territory using unobtrusive cultivation techniques that respect the natural cycle, in order to pass it down to future generations.

Our vineyard is energy independent thanks to a photovoltaic system.
In the maintenance of the vineyards, no herbicides or desiccants are used.